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Smart AI Chatbot
for Your Website

Trained on Your Data,
To Assist Your Customers,
your Team, and Yourself
Powered by OpenAI ChatGPT and Gemini




Use Cases

Here are some of the ways you can use ChatLab
Customer SupportCustomer Support

ChatLab can help you provide 24/7 customer support to your customers. It can answer frequently asked questions, provide information about your products and services, and help your customers solve common problems.

Customer Support
Lead generationLead Generation

ChatLab can help you efficiently generate leads for your business by capturing essential contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, from your website visitors and directly providing it to your sales team.

Customer Support
DocumentationTechnical Support

ChatLab can help you provide technical support to your customers by answering technical questions, troubleshooting common problems, and providing step-by-step instructions on how to solve technical issues.

Customer Support

Setup your chatbot in 5 MINUTES

customize chatbot

adjust your chatbot to your needs, make it talk and look like you want:

  • setup brand and logos
  • name, icon, colors, etc
  • add custom instructions
  • language - ie. tell it to speak Spanish

To Assist Your Customers,

teach the chatbot to talk like you, train it with your data:

  • Provide address of your website, the chatbot will automatically read all the contents from your website
  • Add frequently asked questions & answers
  • Upload files: pdf, doc, csv, xls, txt

deploy it instantly

we host your chatbot and you can deploy it on your website or integrate with your tools in seconds:

  • copy script and paste it on your website
  • hook it up to your Shopify shop (coming soon)
  • hook it up to talk to you through Slack (coming soon)

Self-serve customer support
See improved customer satisfaction and a noticeable
boost in efficiency.
Setup your chatbot in 5 minutes

Powerful Features
Train with your websiteTrain with your website
Educate your chatbot using your own website content and documents.
Customize your chatbotCustomize your chatbot
Personalize your chatbot to align with your brand's identity.
Easily add to your website
Seamlessly integrate the chatbot into your site without coding expertise.
Analyze the chatlogs
Gain insights into customer interactions through chat history analysis.
Human Handoff
Seamlessly transition from chatbot to human support when needed.
Collect feedback
Encourage users to rate their conversation experience.
Train on corrections
Continuously improve chatbot accuracy by updating its responses.
Support for 80+ languages
Communicate with customers in their language, independent of your data's language.
Remove ChatLab logo
Whitelabel - Utilize a custom domain and remove ChatLab branding.
Collect leads
Gather user emails and phone numbers, review the leads & export leads to CSV
Share with team
Share your chatbots with your team, your team can review chatlogs, leads & provide corrections
Agency features
Resell ChatLab to your users, set limits on chatbots, provide users with simplified admin interface

Compatible with popular platforms

wordpress chatbot
wix chatbot
webflow chatbot

Check out ChatLab in action

Watch a demo of ChatLab in action on a sample 'Pizza Delicious' website. In less than one minute we build the chatbot, customize it, train it with the data from the customer website, deploy it as a widget on the website and test it.

Why our customers love ChatLab?


Zahara Systems Ltd, CEO & Founder
ChatLab is the tool I have been looking for to handle an intelligent dialogue from our customers who have questions about the functionality of our SAAS application, Zahara. Having very easily trained the GPT on our WordPress knowledge base and some key website pages, I was astonished by how accurately it answered everyday questions and also how quickly the answers appeared. Compared to other tools I had tried, the setup was simple and the speed astonishing. This is our first step in creating an AI-assisted support function.
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BitSpreader, Head of Product
ChatLab has significantly transformed the way users interact with our crypto trading documentation. Its GPT-based AI doesn't just simplify complex jargon; it actively leads users to the most relevant sections, vastly enhancing their understanding of intricate trading strategies. We've observed firsthand how beginners grasp concepts like 'futures contracts' and 'margin trading' much more quickly with ChatLab's guidance. What sets ChatLab apart is its unique ability to adapt to various user inquiries with remarkable precision.
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DOMFORTE, General Manager
For our first six-apartment project, ChatLab has been invaluable. It brilliantly describes our properties in detail, answering customer queries and providing them a virtual tour through text. We didn't use an agency, so having a chatbot that could articulate the features of our apartments so well has been crucial for customer engagement and sales. ChatLab has integrated human support fallback and that worked perfectly for us as all the questions that the chatbot couldn't answer were transferred to our sales team. Absolutely essential for our business!
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Trusted by 300+ businesses


ChatLab is a chatbot that can be easily integrated into your website. It is powered by OpenAI ChatGPT and Google Gemini, a state of the art AI models that can speak like a real person and help your clients. ChatLab can be trained with your own data, so it can answer questions specific to your business.

The easiest way is to point the ChatLab to your website. You just provide the website address and ChatLab does the rest. ChatLab will read your whole website and that is the best starting point. If you have some additional documents - pdf, doc, csv, xls, txt - you can also upload them. There is no special requirement on their layout or appearance

After creating the chatbot you will get a code snippet that you can copy and paste into your website. The chatbot will appear on your website and will be ready to answer questions. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

Yes, you can train the chatbot in any language. You can provide additional instructions to the chatbot to answer only in selected language. By default the chatbot answers in the language of the question. That is also the case when the language of the question is different than the language in which the chatbot has been trained. This means that you can train the chatbot in English and it will answer in Spanish if asked in Spanish.

ChatLab uses OpenAI GPT and/or Google Gemini (which we call AI providers) to answer your clients questions. In order for the AI provider to understand your business, ChatLab reads your website and other documents you provide. It then uses the AI provider to answer questions. The AI Provider is trained on a large corpus of text from the internet, so it has a lot of knowledge about the world. ChatLab uses knowledge from your website and combines it with the knowledge from the AI Provider to answer your clients questions. The knowledge that you provide is always prioritized over the knowledge from the GPT. ChatLab stores your knowledge in a Vector database and extracts the most relevant knowledge and provides it to GPT to answer the question.

Yes, ChatLab works on mobiles, tablets and desktops. It is fully responsive and adapts to the screen size.

No. ChatLab serves as a no-code platform for creating AI chatbots. You can design your personalized chatbot in less than five minutes and then integrate it into your website.

Yes, you can give the chatbot custom instructions. You can tell it to answer only in selected language, you can give it a name and custom personality and adjust it in anyway that would make it more suitable for your business.

ChatLab uses by default GPT 3.5 Turbo. In paid plans you can also use the newest GPT-4o (Omni), GPT 4 and GPT 4-Turbo. In case the chatbot is using GPT-4o it consumes 5 credits/message, in case of GPT 4-Turbo it consumes 10 credits/message and in case of GPT 4, it consumes 20 credits/message. You can also switch to Google Gemini 1.5 Pro (which costs 10 credits/message) and Gemini 1.5 Flash (which costs 1 credit/message)

Try it out now. Free of charge, no credit card information required!
Setup your chatbot in 5 minutes
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