Pricing Plans
Get 2 months for free for annual subscription.
  • FREE
  • 30 message credits/month
  • 400 kilobytes of training data/bot
  • 1 chatbot
  • 1 Administrator User
  • 10 links to train on
  • Train with: websites, PDF, DOC, TXT, CSV, XLS
  • Custom theming
  • Chatlogs & browsing history
  • Conversation rating
  • Training on chat log corrections
  • Security - rate limiting & domain restrictions
  • The bot will be deleted after 10 days of inactivity
  • $8per month
  • 500 message credits/month
  • 11 megabytes of training data/bot
  • 1 chatbot
  • 1 Administrator User
  • Unlimited links to train on
  • Everything in FREE plus...
  • Access to GPT-4o (Omni), GPT 4 and GPT 4-Turbo, Google Gemini 1.5 Pro and Gemini 1.5 Flash
  • Fallback to human support
  • $18per month
  • 2,400 message credits/month
  • 11 megabytes of training data/bot
  • 2 chatbots
  • 2 Administrator Users
  • Unlimited links to train on
  • Everything in STARTER plus...
  • Collect Leads
  • Set separate limits on each bot
  • Share chatbots with team & customers
  • $95per month
  • 11,000 message credits/month
  • 15 megabytes of training data/bot
  • 5 chatbots
  • 5 Administrator Users
  • Unlimited links to train on
  • Everything in BASIC plus...
  • Whitelabel (remove ChatLab logo)
  • $360per month
  • 50,000 message credits/month
  • 15 megabytes of training data/bot
  • 25 chatbots
  • 25 Administrator Users
  • Unlimited links to train on
  • Everything in STANDARD plus...
  • Your logo in the chatbot
  • Chat widget on your custom domain
  • Client UI for your users on your domain with your logos

Purchase Add-ons (after registration):
  • Message credits - additional 1000 message credits package - 7$/month
  • Chatbots & Administrator Users - additional 1 chatbot + 1 Administrator User - 7$/month
  • Additional training characters - additional 10MB of training characters for all bots - 50$/month
  • Remove ChatLab logo - remove ChatLab logo in the chat window (Whitelabel) - 35$/month

Are you an Agency or Website Developer?

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In basic setup one message credit is one message sent by the chatbot to the user. If the user sends 2 messages to the chatbot and the chatbot sends 2 messages back, then 2 message credits are used. In case of using version GPT-4o (Omni), the newest OpenAI model, one message uses 5 credits, in case of GPT 4-Turbo, one message uses 10 credits, in case of GPT 4, one message uses 20 credits. You can also switch to Google Gemini 1.5 Pro (which costs 10 credits/message) and Gemini 1.5 Flash (which costs 1 credit/message)

There is no adhoc limit for the number of user who can chat with your chatbot. This only depends on how many message credits your subscription has and how many messages each user sends to the chatbot. We usually advice that single conversation on average has 10-15 messages, however this may vary depending on the use case. In case your subscription has 500 credits, you can have 50 conversations with 10 messages each, or 25 conversations with 20 messages each

Chatbot Owner is the user who created the chatbot and has all the rights to manage the chatbot and change its settings. Chatbot Owner counts as one of the Administrator Users.

Chatbot Administrator User is a user who can do the basic management of the chatbot - review the chatlogs and the leads, train the chatbot and provide the corrections.

So what does this mean I have 25 Administrator Users in my subscription? This means that you can create the chatbot and share your chatbot with 24 other users who can manage the chatbot in the way described above. This may be your team of operators in your customer service team.

After exceeding the message credits limit, the chatbot will stop working. You can upgrade to a paid plan or upgrade your plan to continue using the chatbot. You can also buy additional message credits.

Each chatbot is characterized by its appearance, icon, name and knowledge. You can create multiple chatbots and use them on different websites.

The reset for your messaging quota occurs at the beginning of each month, independent of your subscription date. For example, if your subscription begins on the 20th of June, the quota will reset on the 1st of July.

ChatLab will automatically display the total number of characters in your document(s) once you upload them. This count includes all characters from each document attached.

Absolutely, we have tailored plans specifically for agencies looking to offer chatbot services to their clients. For more details, please reach out to us at

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